Saturday, June 13, 2009

don't call it a comeback

after a long career as a bike rider, i was put out of commission for a week, due to a cold. man. sucked! for three of those days i wasn't even able to get out of bed. i took one day off from work, and i'm still syptomatic. blegh.

but today, i got back on my hog (who still remains nameless. and shameless ;) i was a little reluctant (read: lazy), but i did it. i decided to just take a stroll, seeing as how i am still under the weather. basically i was riding with a snot nose the whole time and had to stop to cough my lungs out and blow my nose every 5 minutes. so with that in mind, i figured a long ass ride wasn't quite appropriate yet.

it was fun. it's so nice to be outside. i went to uptown whittier and did some shopping. got some coffee. wrote. got invited to the park by a crackhead. yes, whittier has crackheads. meth face is probably more accurate actually. then i just rode up and down random ass streets near my place. man, whittier has some cute little streets. i also rode around whittier college. dude, their school mascot, is The Poet. The Poet?!?! how is it that i did not attend this college? good lord.

ooooh and i also got my new chrome bag in the mail during my hiatus so today i was riding in style! that bag, and well, this whole bike riding experience, was inspired by ms. calitexican. i owe this all to you mujer. i'm in trial right now and so a good ride around life is the daily vacation i need. makes me smile. makes me feel accomplished.

Monday, June 1, 2009

my second day on the bike

it just occurred to me that i should probably name my bike so i can stop calling it "the bike." do mothers call their babies "it"? only the bad ones. so i'll keep my mind peeled for a name. so far i could call it Ball Buster, since that's what it's been doing to me for 2 days now.

anyhow, today is monday and the real test is, how am i going to do during the work week? you see, my after work time is divided between napping, eating, and dicking around on the computer for hours. i hardly have time for a bike ride. so today after work, guess what?! i was soooo looking forward to a bike ride. yes, i was tired, but determined. so i put on my workout clothes, set up some new playlists, and rode off into the sunset. oh man was it a relief. what a true stress reliever. not quite as fulfilling as some other physical stress relievers, but damn close.

so yesterday i just sorta rode around close by to get a grip. i felt like jello. like a virgin. today, i decided to check out this trail called Greenway here in whittier that i've heard so much about. and good lord was it beautiful. i will mos def take pictures of my own and post them. i was overwhelmed with how beautiful the trail was. the bike roads, the plants, but mostly i was taken aback by the amount of people there. they were all so happy walking, running, riding, skateboarding, and walking their dogs that i was suddenly very aware of where i was. we're not in san francisco anymore toto. they were brown, young, middle aged, old, white, single, coupled, married, with kids, with babies, with friends. it was such a community. and everyone had positive energy coming out of them with every exhale that i felt like i was inhaling their energy. it was just beautiful. i thought i was gonna be alone on this road to nowhere. as per usual. instead, as it turns out, i was joining a community. it feels good to belong to something good.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

i bought my first bike today!!!

and here she is! or at least, this is what she looks like all sexy and done up. she's a Specialized Globe Vienna (whatever that means [?]). it took a lot of googling, and goggling, and asking stupid questions, and pricing to finally commit to this new ride. i'm very happy with it so far (yes, i've only had it a few hours). i think i'm going to dedicate my blog to this new experience. life looks a lot different on a bike. i'm hoping to capture my new view here.

here's a cute sticker that came with the bike. me likes =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009


i think i'm gonna have some post themes. this one, shameless, is self explanatory. i regularly do things that are just embarrassing, and yet typical of me. so here's shameless post #1:

i'm eating 2 cheese pupusas, while reading Women's Health Magazine, in bed, at 12:51 a.m.

number of bridesmaid dresses i have to look hot in this year: 2
number of times i've been to the gym this year: 0

maybe i should just subscribe to this blog.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

this blog is bound to fail

i'm just being honest. this is my first post on my first blog, but i'm afraid this little blog is already destined to die. this blog is started by someone who is in the middle of (approximately) 6 separate journals, 5 novels, 3 non-fiction books, 50+ cases, 2 email drafts, 2 thank you cards, 1 gym membership, 1 quilt, 3 bags (i sew), 3 guys, and 7 bottles of water. none of which have come to any definative conclusion or consistency.

yes, i have a slight commitment issue. i've just been so uninspired lately, and yet, i feel the need to let a lot of stuff out. so, i just grab what/who-ever is available at the moment and puke my feelings out all over it. oh, and i'm not a very poetic journal-writer either, as you can see.

so.... here i go, starting another self-absorbed attempt at catharsis. this is my first "public" (i put "public" in quotes here because, of course, no one is interested in anything inside my head, so my thoughts won't actually be readable by anyone other than me) attempt however. this public element is but another factor that will lead to this blog's inevitable demise. sorry man.

i will do my best to keep this baby alive though, i promise, if for no other reason than to not fail at one more commitment.

and with that, i introduce you (me, really) to me, a tough little avocado.