Monday, June 1, 2009

my second day on the bike

it just occurred to me that i should probably name my bike so i can stop calling it "the bike." do mothers call their babies "it"? only the bad ones. so i'll keep my mind peeled for a name. so far i could call it Ball Buster, since that's what it's been doing to me for 2 days now.

anyhow, today is monday and the real test is, how am i going to do during the work week? you see, my after work time is divided between napping, eating, and dicking around on the computer for hours. i hardly have time for a bike ride. so today after work, guess what?! i was soooo looking forward to a bike ride. yes, i was tired, but determined. so i put on my workout clothes, set up some new playlists, and rode off into the sunset. oh man was it a relief. what a true stress reliever. not quite as fulfilling as some other physical stress relievers, but damn close.

so yesterday i just sorta rode around close by to get a grip. i felt like jello. like a virgin. today, i decided to check out this trail called Greenway here in whittier that i've heard so much about. and good lord was it beautiful. i will mos def take pictures of my own and post them. i was overwhelmed with how beautiful the trail was. the bike roads, the plants, but mostly i was taken aback by the amount of people there. they were all so happy walking, running, riding, skateboarding, and walking their dogs that i was suddenly very aware of where i was. we're not in san francisco anymore toto. they were brown, young, middle aged, old, white, single, coupled, married, with kids, with babies, with friends. it was such a community. and everyone had positive energy coming out of them with every exhale that i felt like i was inhaling their energy. it was just beautiful. i thought i was gonna be alone on this road to nowhere. as per usual. instead, as it turns out, i was joining a community. it feels good to belong to something good.

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  1. yay! i am so happy you like bike riding and that there is a trail so close to your house full of diversity and shit. stick w/ it even tho yr lady parts will be hurting for a week or so. sorry :( but after that, it's allllll good.