Saturday, June 13, 2009

don't call it a comeback

after a long career as a bike rider, i was put out of commission for a week, due to a cold. man. sucked! for three of those days i wasn't even able to get out of bed. i took one day off from work, and i'm still syptomatic. blegh.

but today, i got back on my hog (who still remains nameless. and shameless ;) i was a little reluctant (read: lazy), but i did it. i decided to just take a stroll, seeing as how i am still under the weather. basically i was riding with a snot nose the whole time and had to stop to cough my lungs out and blow my nose every 5 minutes. so with that in mind, i figured a long ass ride wasn't quite appropriate yet.

it was fun. it's so nice to be outside. i went to uptown whittier and did some shopping. got some coffee. wrote. got invited to the park by a crackhead. yes, whittier has crackheads. meth face is probably more accurate actually. then i just rode up and down random ass streets near my place. man, whittier has some cute little streets. i also rode around whittier college. dude, their school mascot, is The Poet. The Poet?!?! how is it that i did not attend this college? good lord.

ooooh and i also got my new chrome bag in the mail during my hiatus so today i was riding in style! that bag, and well, this whole bike riding experience, was inspired by ms. calitexican. i owe this all to you mujer. i'm in trial right now and so a good ride around life is the daily vacation i need. makes me smile. makes me feel accomplished.

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  1. i am beyond flattered that i could inspire anyone to get on a bike, much less YOU. and what i mean by that is i'm sososo happy that one of my besties was inspired by me and my bicis! i feel like i took a big chance sharing my story, but i also thought if i could share and someone/anyone would get on a bike then that would be amazing. and that is exactly what happened with you! i am beyond thrilled for you and what you are going to see and experience on yr bici. almost brings romcom tears to my eyes ;-)